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    Tenant Services

Welcome to the UH Technology Bridge

It is our pleasure to partner with you and provide you with the following information to help the move into your new lab/office space go smoothly.


If there is a maintenance issue or a necessary repair, please send a request through the Service Request Form as soon as you notice the problem. You will receive a response within 24-48 hours. For any maintenance emergencies, please call Darayle Canada directly. For other emerg.encies, please call 911.

Locked Out?
If a Technology Bridge staff member is not on site, please contact UH Police Department at (713) 743-3333.

Move-In Checklist
A move-in checklist will be emailed to you or placed in your new lab. Please complete and return within 24 hours from your move in day. At the end of the lease, we will review the checklist together to check for any damages above normal wear-and-tear.

Condition of the Property
We work very hard to make sure you have a safe and welcoming workspace. Before any tenant moves in, we repair anything that may have been broken during the prior tenant’s residency. We also hire a professional cleaning service before you move in. We do expect that the property, at the end of the lease, is left in the same condition as when you move in. We ask that you keep your area in the shared lab clean.

Move-Out Checklist
Before the official lease termination date, communication will be sent to complete the move-out checklist with one of the UHTB staff. Upon completion, notification will be sent to the business operations department for closure of your account and processing of the return of deposit if applicable.

Building Access
Fill out the ePOI form and send to the directed email on the form. Once this is complete you will receive follow up emails with further instructions. This process takes at lease 2 weeks, so the sooner you fill this out, the better.

Cougar Card
Email a photo to cougarcard@uh.edu. Photo must have a solid/plain white background, passport style. File must be jpeg, jpg, or png. Please include name and ePOI# or MyUH# in the email. The Cougar Card Department will email you when this request has been completed (1–2-day process).

Schedule an appointment to pick up your cougar card at uh.edu/cougarcard. Your Cougar Card will be ready for pickup at your appointment time. There is a $20.00 fee. Once this is complete you will have access to the Technology Bridge building of your leased space.

All employees of the startups are to park under the covered parking. In order to do so and not get towed, each person will have to purchase a UH parking permit. The cost is per school year and must be paid in full. If you leave before the school year is complete, take the pass back to the parking office and they will refund the remaining balance. Information required to receive a parking permit: Driver’s license, license plate number, vehicle ID, and your cougar card. Follow the below steps to obtain an appointment to purchase a parking permit - NO WALK INS ARE PERMITTED:

  1. Go to A & F parking and transportation services
  2. Under Contact Us select virtual line / appointments
  3. Select new requests
  4. Enter required information & select next
  5. Select parking & transportation
  6. Select purchase a permit & select next
  7. Select 1 of the 2 options & make an appointment

Incoming Mail & Freight
Use the below shipping address format for all letter and package mail. UH Postal Services will deliver your mail and packages to Building 4, Rm 118.

[Company Name]
UH Technology Bridge
5000 Gulf Freeway,
Bldg. 4, Room 118
Houston, TX 77023

Freight must be delivered directly to UHTB 5. There are two loading bays equipped with a pallet jack in the back of building 5 where freight can be delivered. There is no forklift service, so be sure to schedule deliveries “full service, white glove service, or lift gate service” when ordering large/heavy items. UH is not equipped to receive freight on behalf of the company. Tenants must be present to receive freight. It is helpful to provide the freight company your contact information, e.g., cell phone number.

Outgoing Mail
Outgoing packages for all major carriers (Fedex, UPS, & Amazon) can be left in the outbox located in building 4, next to the Welcome Center. If a package does not fit into the outbox, please notify the UH Postal Center by email at deliveryservices@uh.edu about the package that needs to be picked up and leave it at the Welcome Center with our Welcome Representative.

Garbage is collected from the office daily by our janitorial services. You are responsible for emptying garbage and recycling from the labs into the dumpster on the side of building 5.

As a state entity, we cannot recommend suppliers or vendors for chemical waste disposal, however some of the other tenants use the below companies for waste management.

Homepage | Clean Earth (cleanearthinc.com)
Melissa Kayda-Macha

Tradebe Environmental Services
TRADEBE USA | Hazardous Waste Disposal | Chemical Packaging Disposal
Jennifer McLimans