Ultrafast Room-Temperature Synthesis of Porous S-Doped Ni/Fe (oxy)hydroxide Electrodes for Seawater Electrolysis
Hydrogen generation from sewater requires highly active and robust oxygen evolution reaction (OER) catalysts that can sustain seawater splitting without chloride corrosion. NiFe-based (oxy)hydroxides are currently the most efficient OER catalysts among all the reported non-noble metal catalysts in alkaline freshwater electrolytes. In this technology, UH has developed a one-step surface engineering approach to fabricate highly porous S-doped Ni/Fe (oxy)hydroxide catalysts from commercial Ni foam in 1 to 5 minutes under room temperature, which serves as outstanding OER catalysts for alkaline seawater electrolysis.
  • Provisional Application Filed, 63/016,490
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Zhifeng Ren
Professor, Physics