Stretchable Batteries Using Solid Polymeric Electrolytes
Methods to create stretchable electrodes and ion conducting polymers have been combined to a make safe and reliable stretchable battery technology to improve portable energy storage capabilities. This stretchable battery technology is expected to be integrated into clothing and specialized suits that address applications for energy storage but without additional burden to thepeople using the technology on the go. The heart of this technology is improving the ion conducting polymers that are naturally flexible along with attaching these polymers to stretchable electrodes that are not conventionally flexible.
  • Military clothing and fatigues
  • Medical clothing
  • Astronaut suits and clothing
  • Field engineers and technicians
  • Emergency Response personnel
  • Hiking gear
Problems Addressed
  • Existing energy storage technology is lagging in the demand for wearable technology requiring energy
  • Conventional batteries are bulky and limit dexterity and mobility to the user if used in a wearable design
  • Wet lithium ion battery technology can be dangerous if not designed or used properly
Competitive Advantages
  • Solid polymer-based electrolytes are used and are not susceptible to the well-known issues associated with liquid lithium ion battery technology
  • Stretchable batteries will be inherently safer and have highermechanical strength compared to rigid battery designs
  • Elastic design allows for better mobility of users equipped with energy storage and devices that require energy
  • Provisional Patent filed: 62/490,833
  • Ardebili, H., et al., RSC Adv., 2014,4, 59637-59642
  • Ardebili, H., et al., Journal of Power Sources. 303 (2016)
Case ID
Dr. Haleh Ardebili
Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering