“Rangelife”: Continuous Objective Assessment of Near Work
Light exposure and near work are known risk factors for myopia. Current technologies allows for objective measurement of light exposure, however quantification of the working distance is still a challenge. This technology named “RangeLife” is a spectacle mounted device for continuous, objective measurement of near work to quantify risk factors related to myopia, and to provide feedback to the wearer when the working distance is too close or a distance viewing break should be initiated. RangeLife used infrared time-of-flight (TOF) distance sensor and real-time clock (RTC) controlled by a microprocessor coupled to a secure digital card logger.
  • Myopia risk detection
  • Myopia prevention in children
Problems Addressed
  • Currently available instrument called “Clouclip” is only available in China with a Chinese user interface
  • Clouclip does not use time-offlight and has a limited range of 10-70 cm
Competitive Advantages
  • RangeLife uses nanosecond technology to detect range from 5 cm
    to 1200 cm.
  • RangeLife data is accessible to the user
  • 6 working prototypes built
  • US Patent No.62/595,059
Case ID
Dr. Lisa Ostrin
Assistant Professor, College of Optometry