Novel Non-Linear Optical Material for Solid-State Lasers
Our researchers have synthesized three novel non-linear optical crystals, K3Sr3Li2Al4B6O20F, Rb3Ba3Li2Al4B6O20F, and KSrCO3F, for usage in solid-state lasers. All three crystals are capable of coherent radiation at 266 nm, which is a desired wavelength for Nd-YAG solid-state lasers. The crystals are grown using the top seed solution growth (TSSG) method and are able to form large crystals suitable for use in solid-state lasers. The three crystalline materials exhibit excellent optical quality with moderate birefringence, large phase-matching wavelength range, and wide transparency range.
  • Solid-state lasers
  • Optical communications
  • Optical signal processing
  • Photonic computing
Problems Addressed
  • Developing non-linear optical materials capable of coherent radiation at 266nm
  • Creating methods to grow each non-linear optical crystal to a large size that is suitable for use in laser devices
  • Discovering non-linear optical materials that do not contain the toxic elements
Competitive Advantages
  • Capable of growing large single crystals of each of the three compounds
  • All three crystals can generate coherent radiation at 266nm
  • Crystals do not have walk-off issues due to high birefringence
  • All three novel compounds are non-hygroscopic materials
  • Crystals do not contain toxic elements
  • US18/21802
  • Halasyamani, S. et al (2017), The Next-Generation of Nonlinear Optical Materials: Rb3Ba3Li2Al4B6O20F–Synthesis, Characterization, and Crystal Growth. Advanced Optical Materials, 5 (23).
  • Halasyamani, S. et al (2017), Crystal growth and optical properties of a UV nonlinear optical materials KSrCO3F. CrystEngComm, 19.
Case ID
Dr. P. Shiv Halasyamani
Professor, Department of Chemistry