Non-Enzymatic Assays
Lateral flow and other point-of-care diagnostics are extremely valuable in allowing untrained people to perform rapid diagnosis of pregnancy, overdose, autoimmune disease flares, and infection. They require no equipment and are very inexpensive; the home pregnancy test is the best-known example. There are two general weaknesses of current test formats. Their sensitivity is limited to about five parts per billion, and they are not very quantitative.

We proposed to address these problems by introducing glowing nanoparticles as the basis of point-of-care tests, especially the lateral flow immunoassay. We already did this once before, when we introduced nanophosphors which store energy and glow in the dark. The technology here uses a unique approach to make the reporter particles glow, chemical excitation instead of storage of light in phosphors. The closest analogous technology is cold light glow sticks. We expect this technology to be at least as good as nanospheres.
  • PCT/US2019/059953

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Richard Willson
Professor, Chemical Engineering