A new technology to cross the blood-brain barrier
"A new compound called TRBP6 that binds to the transferrin receptor and crosses BBB into the brain. It is a peptoid (oligo-N-substituted glycine) which closely resembles a peptide. It is protease-resistant and highly tissue permeable, and is non-immunogenic.
This can be used to develop more potent derivatives of TRBP6 and related compounds can form the basis of potential drugs for the treatment of a variety of diseases for targeted drug therapy. For example, they can be linked to an anti-cancer drug to deliver the drug cross BBB to treat metastatic cancers in the brain. Alternatively, they can be linked to a neuroprotective agent to deliver the drug into the brain to treat ischemic stroke, Alzheimer's disease, and Parkinson's disease. "
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Bin Guo
Associate Professor, Pharmacological and Pharmaceutical Studies