Method and Device for Light-Sheet Illumination and Imaging
One of the main obstacles in disease diagnosis and treatment in developing countries is theinsufficiency of modern diagnostic tools.1 Even though highly sensitive and specific moleculardiagnostic tests have become more available, the current technologies are still limited in clinicallaboratory settings, complex and expensive, which still impose hurdles for patients in resource-limiting areas. Recent developments in imaging and sensing devices-based smartphone haveshown its potentials to bring diagnostic lab-based techniques to areas without advanced labinfrastructure and high skill personnel. Phone-based diagnostic devices are built around thephone camera, relied on its excellent imaging capabilities to replace bulky and expensive labmicroscopes. many laboratory microscopy techniques such as dark-field smartphone microscopyand fluorescence microscopy had been successfully translated onto the phone, boost up itsperformance to be on par with modern lab microscopes. For further improvement of smartphonemicroscopy in the field of point-of-care technology, we report a light sheet smartphonemicroscope (LSSM) using single inkjet-printed polymer add-on lens and slide-launched total-internal-reflection guided light into a modified cover glass to obtain light sheet illumination.
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Wei-Chuan Shih
Associate Professor, Electrical Engineering