Matrix metallopeptidase 8 promotes tumor infiltration and antitumor activity of CD19 CAR T cells
Provided herein are compositions containing genetically modified immune cells that express a ECM degrading enzyme, such as a matrix metallopeptidase. Overexpression of mature matrix metallopeptidase improves the tumor infiltrating capabilities of immunotherapeutic agents against solid tumors including T-cells, tumor infiltrating lymphocytes (TILs), CAR macrophages, and NK cells (with and without a chimeric antigen receptor). Methods include administering mature matrix metallopeptidase 8 overexpressing CAR T or NK cells to a subject with a solid tumor to improve the efficacy of the CAR T/NK cell therapy.

63/263,818 (Provisional, Pre-Conversion)

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Navin Varadarajan
Professor, Chemical Engineering