Light Initiated Polymerization
This technology provides a method for using visible light to control polymerization of block copolymers in a ‘one-pot’ synthesis approach that has not been possible previously. This method can be used to simplify the synthesis of the most popular industrial polymers in production today including thermoplastic elastomers such as Kraton, which currently requires a complex three-step process.
  • Copolymerization of acrylates and vinyls to generate block copolymers in one step
Problems Addressed
  • Current polymer synthesis techniques are costly and complex
Competitive Advantages
  • ‘One-pot’ Synthesis
  • Highly controllable polymerization
  • Use of organometallic catalysts as photocatalytic agents
  • Provisional patent application filed
Case ID
Dr. Dr. Eva Harth
Professor in the Department of Chemistry & Director of the Welch Center for Excellence in Polymer Chemistry