Flexible Electrodes and Methods of Manufacturing
This invention is a method of fabricating flexible transparent electrodes consisting of gold, silver or copper metallic nanostructures. This method results in formation of flexible electrodes with in-plane sinusoidal wavy nanowire network structure with enhanced tensile and optical properties.
  • Wearable devices
  • Flexible optoelectronics
  • Epidermal electronics
  • Bio-integrated medical devices 
Problems Addressed
  • Traditional transparent electrodes are made of indium tin oxide thin films which are brittle with poor flexibility 
  • Newer materials like graphene, carbon nanotube films and metallic materials have limited optical transmittance 
Competitive Advantages
  • High stretchability up to 3X original length
  • High performance in cyclic stretching (100% strain and 100,000 cycles) 
  • Provisional patent application filed
Case ID
Zhifeng Ren
M.D. Anderson Chair Professor of Physics