Engineering a novel single-chain viral membrane-protein complex of coronavirus (such as COVID-19 (SARS-Cov-2)) for more immunogenic vaccination and others
The current spike (S) protein-based vaccine for coronavirus (such as SARS-Cov-2) may have limited immunogenicity, duration of antibody production and ability resistant to the S-protein mutation. This invention is to engineer a novel single cDNA encoded a single polypeptide-chain of viral membrane protein complex containing spike, envelope, and membrane proteins to mimic total antigenic sites of the viral membrane as a more effective and immunogenic vaccine. The technology can be developed into a new and more powerful recombinant viral-protein vaccine, and viral and nonviral-mediated gene (such as cDNA, mRNA) vaccines or recombinant protein vaccine with possible longer antibody-production duration and more immunogenic against variants of a single protein mutation for COVID-19 vaccination. The technology can also be used for other related applications, in which the invented single-chain multiple protein complex can provide better biological impacts
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Ke-He Ruan
Professor, Pharmacological and Pharmaceutical Studies; Director, Center for Experimental Therapeutics and Pharmacoinformatics