Computational Method for Breast Shape Modeling and Prediction
Although computational models of breast shape have been developed, the ability to provide realistic simulations of the breast is still lacking. With improved techniques and a wide range of surgical options to consider, a flexible yet accurate breast model is necessary. Here, we present a novel computational method to model breast shape on the basis of three-dimensional spherical harmonics, with adjustable parameters to modulate breast size, projection, and ptosis (sagging). Our approach utilizes three-dimensional surface images of the female torso, extracts the breast regions, and represents breast shape in terms of spherical harmonic coefficients. Importantly, our model facilitates realistic virtual modulation of breast shape, via associations between the spherical harmonic coefficients and anthropometric parameters of breast size and shape. The proposed model will enable surgeons to generate quantitative personalized simulations for individual patients for use in surgical planning, outcome assessment, and clinical consultations with patients to enable shared decision making regarding surgical options and to ensure reasonable and realistic patient expectations.
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Fatima Merchant
Associate Professor, Engineering Technology