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    A Hub for Inventors

    Primed for commercializing technology and bridging big ideas to the market


Decorative Background
A Hub for Inventors
Primed for commercializing technology and bridging big ideas to the market

By The Numbers

UH maintains a strong intellectual property portfolio that continues to gain momentum every year. For several years now, UH has led the nation in royalty earnings among public universities without medical schools.


$65M Licensing Income FY19


Invention Disclosures FY19


U.S. Patents Issued FY19


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Nearly 50 companies have spun-out of UH over the last decade.

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Technology Catalog

Case ID Technology Description
2020-055 "Molecular Masks" That Block Coronavirus Entry In the race to solve the COVID-19 pandemic crisis, various types of vaccines are in development. Due to the unpredictable nature of the coronavirus, these vaccines may or may not provide long term protection. This technology provides for novel peptoid…
2020-046 Air-free Transfer Vessel for Multiple Diagnostic Tools This invention describes a hermetically sealed testing vessel for characterizing air-sensitive specimens that facilitates transfer between multiple diagnostic tools without exposure to air. The flexible transfer vessel addresses the key challenges for characterizing a variety of air-sensitive…
2020- 003 Image and video analysis as a service framework-aware AI Computer vision and image analysis does not easily transition into the commercial landscape because it is disconnected from the end users. It is difficult to produce models that account for varying scenes and to interpret events of interest. One example would be in video surveillance with data…
2020-048 An in situ electrochemical testing stage and in situ analysis method This technology describes a testing platform for performing structural, chemical, and mechanical characterizations of solid-state Li batteries and other electrochemical devices. It is designed to cooperate with a variety of state-of-the-art materials testing instruments (e.g., SEM, FIB, ToF-SIMS,…
2020-047 High Power Mg batteries This invention describes a novel rechargeable high-power magnesium battery. The battery is comprised of an organic cathode material, a metal anode or magnesium metal anode, and utilizes any suitable electrolyte. Additionally, the battery utilizes a thin & light-weight membrane between the…
2020-044 Co-Ti-O photocatalyst active in a wide optical spectral range including energies below the thermodynamic driving forces "This technology provides photocatalysts based on cobalt-titanium oxides and
methods for forming these photocatalysts. The photocatalysts are active over a wide spectral
range, including energies below thermodynamic driving forces. The photocatalysts can be

Check Out Plant-Based Polymers

New plant-based material discovered at UH could replace today's petroleum-based plastics.

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University of Houston has developed breakthroughs in several therapeutic indications that have transformed patient lives around the world. UH is continuing to establish several key partnerships with the biopharma industry to push lab discoveries to the market. The status of these therapeutics is in pipeline can be explored below.