TexPower develops cobalt-free high-energy cathode materials for lithium-based batteries that enable a sustainable and electrified future.
Full Description
TexPower is a startup company spun out of the University of Texas at Austin in early 2019, continuing the disruptive innovations led by professor John B. Goodenough and professor Arumugam Manthiram on lithium-ion batteries. We aim to deploy our novel cobalt-free, high-energy, drop-in cathode materials in lithium-based batteries used across the U.S. and beyond.
TexPower's cathode materials can replace commercial battery cathodes “Powder for Powder”, and thus are extremely flexible for any battery form factor and are applicable wherever portable power is required. Our cathodes provide up to 20% higher energy density, use only abundant and affordable metals, and are produced through immediately scalable processes.