We provide high quality, tested reagents that will save you time in the lab, including high-quality antibodies, detection kits for immunohistochemistry, tissue preservation solutions, and proprietary blocking and enhanced retrieval reagents, resulting in virtually background-free staining. Our company offers thousands well-characterized monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies for research.
Full Description
Teomics is a University of Houston spin-off company located in the heart of the Texas Medical Center developing next-generation antigen retrieval solutions for more accurate tissue-based diagnostic tests. Millions of patients every year depend on diagnostic tests for the identification and diagnosis of cancer. However, despite the importance these tests play in the identification of the correct treatment for patients they have high false-negative errors ranging from 10-20%. A major cause of these errors is formalin fixation, mandated for virtually all tissue biopsies for preservation, which causes chemical modifications that reduce diagnostic tests sensitivity. Current antigen retrieval solutions used to reverse fixation only weakly reverse formaldehyde fixation and are susceptible to over-fixation. Teomics has developed a next-generation antigen retrieval technology that uses a patented chemistry to increase the reversal of formalin fixation increasing both sensitivity and accuracy of current diagnostic tests.
The antigen retrieval technology is designed for both clinical and research applications for the detection of protein and molecular biomarkers and easily fits into existing workflows. It has two main formulations, sodium citrate and Tris, and consists of proprietary formalin scavengers to increase the reversal of formalin fixation of tissue samples. The use of formalin scavengers allows for increased sensitivity and detection of formalin-sensitive biomarkers in immunoassay based applications including immunohistochemistry, fluorescence in situ hybridization, and polymerase chain reaction.