ReVolt Battery Technology Corporation
Revolt is committed to making sustainable electric fleet choices easier and more environmentally friendly and recovering critical battery materials for second use applications.
Full Description
Transport CO2 emissions continue to grow globally despite advances in low-carbon technology and goal setting by numerous governments. The global transportation sector is responsible for almost one-quarter of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions (mostly CO2), with about 72% thereof from road transport. Electric vehicles (EVs) can help put America on the path toward a clean energy economy.

ReVolt Battery Technology Corporation based in the University of Houston, Texas is making it easier for smart cities and Metro agencies identify the technology options via a suite of innovative fleet electrification tools.
Tools like OptoBus, Optocharge and OptoFlee help smart cites plan, acquire and operate fuel-efficient fleets so you can see the world while protecting it - to make an impact no matter where you are.