Raptamer Discovery Group
Raptamer Discovery Group’s mission is to be the provider-of-choice for the best performing nucleic acid affinity agents in every life science market.
Full Description
Raptamer Discovery Group are scientists and engineers with decades of experience working with nucleic acids and aptamers. The company not only provides unique products to customers but also is actively involved in research to improve aptamer performance. Our scientists have published in respected journals, such as Nature and Nucleic Acid Research, and we have worked with leading companies and research institutes around the world.
X-aptamers (kits, in-house development, full-turn key service)—The x-aptamer is a better, faster, and cheaper apatamer. X-Aptamers are the next step in the evolution of aptamer technology. They are synthetic affinity reagents that incorporate natural as well as chemically-modified DNA or RNA nucleotide.

Speciality Nucleotides
Selection process (proprietary bead-based technologies)
Antibody + X-aptamer “sandwhich”—Having a sandwich pair of affinity molecules that bind simultaneously to a target provides numerous advantages.