Peniel Sciences
Develop improved technologies and products by leveraging the unique properties of peptides and related biomolecules to address various health issues thereby improving the quality of human life.
Full Description
"The 99 amino acid collagen mimicking peptide is a stable peptide molecule with excellent health and medical benefits such as skin regeneration, wound healing and wrinkle prevention/repair.
It has potential use beyond cosmetic application (i.e. medical application).
Peniel Sciences is working with Dr. Pentelute group at MIT for collaboration and contracted to develop 99 amino acid collagen mimicking peptides – synthesizing back up analogs, conjugating with hyaluronic acid, and vitamin C as well as exploring other potential anti-oxidants (Products, patents and papers will be the resulting outcome)."
"New peptide technology platform licensing with MIT (Rapid Synthesis Technology) and Victor Hruby from U. of Arizona (Melanotropin analogs for Skin Cancer Therapy) is also in discussion.
PS-1004: A 99 amino acid collagen mimicking peptide for topical wound healing.
PSA1: Skin cancer/Pigmentation.
PSC1, PSC2, ..., PSCn.
Early stage/Skin care, Short Collagen Peptide Conjugates; PSD1: Purpose-built Products for Surgery and Trauma."