Funxion Wear, Inc.
Our mission is to enable healthier, longer, and happier lives via materials science.
Full Description
Funxion is an early stage materials science company developing proprietary polymer materials for medical devices ranging from remote health monitoring to pain relief. Funxion was spun-out of NC State University in Raleigh, NC during the Founder's PhD (Raj Bhakta, native Houstonian) and is a cohort company of the Cyclotron Road (Berkeley Lab) and Plug and Play (Sunnyvale, CA) accelerators.
The current limitations of dry electrode materials are that they are either DC conductors such as Ag or Carbon or are AC conductors such as hydrogel polymers that can only be used once and not washed in a washer/dryer. Our ionically conductive polymer material can be used to mass manufacture washable, reusable, biocompatible, and stretchable/flexible dry electrodes for biopotential measurements (EKG, EMG, EEG, etc) or actuation of muscles/nerves (TENS, etc).PCT filed 2/20.