Elemental Coatings
Elemental Coatings aims to supplant traditional temporary anti-icing coatings with more durable permanent coatings that could be sprayed to any surface to prevent ice accumulation.
Full Description
Anti-icing surfaces play a critical role in a broad range of systems including infrastructures, transportation and energy systems. At cold climate, the absence of these surfaces can lead to catastrophic events in power systems, aviation industry and marine vessels. However, most of the surfaces used by the industry are ineffective in ice repellency and suffer from long-term durability. Elemental Coatings has started manufacturing anti-icing surfaces with extremely low ice adhesion to surfaces with exceptional durability under severe environmental conditions.
Elemental Coatings produces anti-icing coatings from various polymers to address consumers need. The standard anti-icing coatings consists of nanoparticles and silicone-based polymer matrix. This technology possesses higher durability and extremely low ice adhesion (< 1 kPa) compared to other state-of-the-art anti-icing technologies. We have developed revolutionary ice-repellent surfaces that are stable under high shear flows and temperatures while exhibiting nonsticking characteristics. Superior characteristics of these surfaces are shown for enhanced anti-icing with long term durability in harsh outdoor applications.