"We care about the environment. Our products are all-natural and contain no genetic
modifications or artificial chemicals. We use only Biosafety Level Class 1 microbes that have
been confirmed by independent testing to be non-pathogenic. Our products are safe for human,
animal, and aquatic life."
Full Description
"At Drylet, we are focused on Helping Nature by enhancing the activity of microbes that improve our lives. Our products combine carefully selected microbes with an engineered substrate that accelerates their growth and intrinsic activity. This combination enables our products to outperform traditional liquid cultures and solve our customers’ toughest problems. We provide proven biotechnology solutions for wastewater treatment, agriculture, and oil remediation as well as products to handle the kitchen drain,
septic system, and aquaculture waste challenges."
"Drylet’s patented micro bioreactor accelerates any biological process. Each dry-to-the-touch bioreactor is loaded with billions of carefully selected microbes to
consume organic waste, remediate oil spills, or overcome undesirable bacteria. The harmony of the right microbes and our micro bioreactor results in higher microbe counts, more delivery options, and better results than traditional bioremediation."