Bucha Bio, Inc.
Committed to sustainability, Bucha Bio creates completely biodegradable materials that enable the next generation of designers to create products for a more sustainable future.
Full Description
Bucha Bio creates polymer composites from sustainable and regenerative sources in order to create 100% biobased materials for a range of applications. The company is newly relocated to Houston and looking to establish connections with local universities and secure lab space during relocation. Bucha Bio was formed in 2019 and is a Delaware C-Corporation.
We use 100% biobased chemistries to create materials with the necessary technical and aesthetic properties for the relevant application. The technology stems from the inclusion of specific chemistries which impart needed functions into the final composite, including film-forming, tensile strength, hydrophobicity, and more. Our materials can then be processed in conventional plastics manufacturing processes, such as extrusion lines.